Happy women’s day!

They will not ask you for bigger things if you can make her feel that she deserves to be respected and loved. She will give you infinite happiness just in return of small things. Don’t be afraid for anything because you are woman, because you are strong at heart and that’s your greatest strength. Think that you are strong!! And, why can’t we understand that how can the one who brought you in this world be weak! You would have not been there on this earth to prove your worth had she not been there. Think!! Can you find one single home without woman? Than what’s that make you feel those women are weak? Let’s ask this question to ourselves today!! Today on the day of women’s day, I am thinking of everything you have done for me, How you have brought positive transformations in my life, The way you have changed my life for the good, Thanks for being there!! Happy Women’s  DayA woman is the most beautiful creation of the God but when are we going to understand that fact!! She is the one who inculcate discipline in our life and that needs to be understood!! The day society will understand that it is nothing that women cannot and she sits at home just to take care of her family, is the day when the world will start witnessing positive transformations. Every creature is equally special and that fact needs to be understood!! While the men have stronger physical body, women are more powerful at heart! Weaknesses are both in men and women but why are women always considered weak. Let’s understand that the weaknesses are for good and it should be shared. It’s hard to imagine life without women, they are the one who make life colorfully beautiful. Respect the creation of Gods by providing them with an equal opportunity to participate in all affairs of the society. For all these we say happy mother’s day for your love and effort towards making us who we are coz without you we are nothing in the society, happy women’s day. All the love from Orphan Aid Uganda.

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