We at orphan Aid Uganda would like to take this privilege to wish you all “Happy Good Friday”

May this day be a day we remember the needy and vulnerable children around the world as we feel the Atonement and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ.

It doesn’t matter where we are from, what we are up to or what we are doing, we can be part of this by making our neighbors or friends and relatives who are struggling in life to make sure we share the same joy with them as well, Easter is not a day for us to morn, it’s a day for us to share the love we have for human kid just as Savior wrote in Mathew 25:40″.

We are so grateful for your continued support, we can promise you that in small and little thing your doing to us, great things shall surely come to past.

Happy Easter from all of us at Orphan Aid Uganda.

Your donation is appreciated as well ✓✓